Prevention is Better than Cure
Prevention is Better than Cure

Men's Wellness Package

An entry level medical package to detect early common health problems so that early preventive measures can be taken. Recommended for 18 - 25 years old.

  • Complimentary of Cholesterol Test
  • Lifetime Membership Privileges


No. Details Availability
1 Complimentary Gift of Health Card included
2 MY LIFEKAD not included
3 Complete Medical Examination by Medical Officer
4 Personal Medical History included
5 Height / Weight / Waist Circumference included
6 Body Mass Index included
7 Visual Acuity & Colour Vision included
8 Blood Analysis
Haematological Profile (FBC) included
Blood Group & Rh Factor included
Liver Diseases included
Kidney Diseases included
Full Cholesterol Profile included
Diabetes included
Uric Acid included
Thyroid Function (free T4 and TSH) included
Hepatitis B Screening included
Rheumatoid Factor included
Veneral Disease Screening (Syphilis) included
Cancer (CEA, AFP) not included
Cancer (PSA - men) not included
Cancer (CA 19-9, EBV) not included
Apolipoprotein A and B, Homocysteine, HS CRP, Microalbumin not included
Hepatitis A Screening not included
H.Pylori not included
9 Stool Analysis not included
10 Urine Analysis (FEME) included
11 Pap Smear (Ladies only) not included
12 Diagnostic Imaging
Chest X-Ray included
64 Slice MSCT Calcium Scoring (Men & Ladies) not included
64 Slice MSCT Head and Neck Scan not included
Mammogram / Breast Ultrasound (Ladies only) Upgrade at RM90
Ultrasound Abdomen / Pelvis Optional
13 Lung Function Test included
14 Echo Cardiogram not included
15 12-Lead Resting Electrocardiogram included
16 Exercise Treadmill not included
17 Health Report & Counselling included
18 Additional Benefits (Complimentary for Second Year) Cholesterol Test
19 64 Slice MDCT Cardiac Angiography not included