Your Comprehensive Health Profile

KLHC Executive Health Programme will be individually tailored for you and could include the following :

  • Head-to-toe assessment of your overall physical health
  • Screening and risk assessment for heart and cardiovascular disease, using blood tests and scans to determine the risk or extent of heart disease
  • Vascular imaging to evaluate risk of stroke or aneurysm
  • Vision screening, audiometry testing and lung function tests
  • Screening and risk-assessment for common cancers, including colorectal, prostate and breast
  • Full laboratory studies necessary to obtain a complete profile of major organ systems
  • Exercise and fitness assessment
  • Dietary assessment with a nutritionist who will provide nutrition recommendations and help you establish healthy eating habits to last a lifetime
  • Advice to help you manage your response to stress and personal coaching focused on achieving life balance
  • In addition, a full body scan, carotid artery ultrasound, calcium-score heart screening, or CT of the lungs, abdomen or pelvis or further blood tests will only be advised when necessary by the Physician