Cardiac CT Scan

HEART DISEASE is the world’s biggest cause of death and a heart attack is often the first symptom of heart disease. This form of heart disease is due to blockage of the coronary arteries.

Cardiac computed tomography (to-MOG-rah-fee), or cardiac CT, is a painless test that uses an x-ray machine to take clear, detailed pictures of your heart. It is the standard test to assess the coronary artery blockages. It requires a catheter to be inserted into the heart.

The main purpose of a Cardiac CT is to help your physician diagnose problems with the heart or other blood vessels of the body. A Cardiac CT has significant risks and side effects, however, and the potential benefit of a Cardiac CT should outweigh the risks before being completed.

It is not currently recommended as a routine screening tool. Although it is very effective at determining the health of heart vessels, this test is only recommended when heart disease is suspected by your physician.

Cardiac CT is a common test for finding and evaluating : Problems in the heart, problems with the aorta (Aneurysms and Dissections), blood clots in the lungs and pericardial disease.

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Cardiologist & Physician

Cardiologist & Physician

Cardiologist & Physician

Dr Mohamed Rafiq Ibrahim Marican

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